Cabo's Marquis Resort: Love in the Afternoon

This sexy seaside haven has a stunning open-air spa, private plunge pools and  Deity-blessed settings above the Sea of Cortez.

According to legend, two angels selected the location of the seaside serendipitous resort Marquis Los Cabos by leaving their celestial glory for this idyllic spot on the Sea of Cortez. It’s easy to understand why, once you witness it in person: If Heaven were here on Earth this location may well fit the bill. And that’s just the first impression one experiences upon entering the resort where a massive sculpture of bronze angel’s wings welcomes you as you leave a forgettable street view behind. Unremarkable from the highway, the typical yellow Spanish colonial façade hides a remarkable resort that is actually more of an art hotel floating above the spectacular blue biddings of the sea.

Walking down stairs embedded with lustrous turquoise stones and through winding paths,  you’ll pass sprawling luxurious casitas—easily 2,000 square feet with unobstructed ocean views.  Glass doors from your casita lead out to your private plunge pool. First order of the day: throw on your bikini or trunks, grab your sunglasses and sip the fresh papaya juice (spiked to your pleasure) as you scan the ocean. Within minutes you will likely witness a natural spectacle of vibrant ocean life: pelicans diving, seagulls bobbing, shoals of glimmering fish leaping. Stingrays propel out of the waves to wriggle out a silent hello and whales arch over the horizon. Multiple pods breaching on the horizon on a calm day, visible right from your room during the peak migration months. All this activity and you haven’t even left your the patio. Walk to the beach and it gets even better; the possibilities are endless if you rent a kayak from the vendors on the shore with snorkel gear and an intrepid spirit in tow.

Couples seeking rejuvenation and utter relaxation should head to the holisitic spa which also overlooks the glistening ocean.  Treatments bear delectable and enticing  names such as Café Ole, Chocolate Experience, Quetzatcoatl Oxygenating Experience, Grapes Experience or Hot Stone massage. The Café Ole might be the only time coffee puts you to sleep, or at least in the dizzying space before slumber. It begins with an incriminating foot detox (the therapists will speculate on your vices with unnerving accuracy upon witnessing your body’s toxins releasing into the foot bath), followed by a body scrub and milk-and-sugar exfoliation which leads to a warm bath. Ahhhh… now you are lathered in coffee grounds and wrapped to perfection. Though the warmth and heaviness of the towels and soothing touch of the massage may have you snoring softly to your therapist, you will leave walking on air with a new appreciation for just what “wellness” means.

Chocoholics in particular will find an unforgettable experience of their own. A relaxing bath  in cinnamon and clove oils with swirling flower petals is followed by a sea salt exfoliation. Then indulge in the treat of being painted with chocolate, and a hint of peppermint, and wrapped warmly. A note to the tender skinned—some are over stimulated by the pre-chocolate soak. A strange tingle in the water can feel like a jellyfish bath and leave you with a mild reaction. Even so, the natural healing powers of chocolate lavished over your skin will replenish and restore. If only the sweet chocolate peppermint aroma lingered longer.

Couples can enjoy the romance of Baja with an 80-minute aphrodisiac in-suite therapy. It starts with you and your lover in a jetted tub surrounded by flowers, holding hands over pink and white quartz crystals, which holistic healers utilize to stimulate the heart chakra. For the spiritually-minded this will connect the two of you; for the rest, you’ll share secretive smiles over the hygienic and modest paper underwear you were given, but this is quickly forgotten as the heart rate drops and you sink into the moment. Upon leaving the tub you are ushered to your bedroom where massage tables await you. A personalize acupressure massage pushes you further into relaxation and bliss with your sweetheart beside you. As a final wish for romance, you are dusted with a sugary rice powder and left to enjoy two glasses of red wine and a plate of chocolate dipped strawberries.

Sybaritic spa treatments, pool lounging and whale watching can certainly leave you with a rumbling void in your tummy. Three restaurants on site provide many seafood and regional dining options. Dos Mares, the poolside restaurant, and Vista Ballenas are open all day while Canto Del Mar caters to intimate groups in the evening. Chef Thierry Dufour prepares six artful and delicious courses inspired by the fresh catches and organic delights found at the San Jose farmer’s market. Think rich and spicy tomato soup, delicate strips of salmon, crab cakes, fresh ceviche and a ginger sorbet.

Leaving the cocoon of your luxe suite, it’s time to explore some local flavor. A short cab ride away, behind downtown San Jose at Huerta Maria you’ll find the organic market. Follow signs on Calle Cenenario or Av. Benito Juárez and enjoy local artisans showcasing their jewels and stones accompanied with stories of origin and sea finding adventures. The farmers add flare to their produce by smearing butter on corn with paint brushes and shaking on hot spices. The festive market runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., but closes for the season May 29.

When the sun sets and the market ends head into the San Jose plaza for shopping and spectating.  Myriad shops burst with clothing, art and home décor items. In the street, vendors sell cotton candy to children who dance around with ribbons and light sticks. Music fills the streets as couples stroll on the sidewalk. Large tents cover the plaza in wait for the party to begin and as the clock strikes grow longer, denizens pour from the church to join the festivities. Grab a bite to eat at Mi Cocina at Casa Natalia’s and enjoy unique culinary combinations like roasted chicken with chocolate and basil ice cream or savory crab risotto.

Photo by Dr. Harvey Barnett

Cabo boasts some of the best weather in the world—there is no rainy season as in Costa Rica, and humidity is mild or nonexistent. While can be seriously hot on land in the summer months, the 80-degree water feels wonderfully warm allowing you to play in the ocean for hours. The rest of the year the water usually stays in the 70s. While the winter months can sometimes get a little cool, it’s the best time to see whales playing in the ocean, with peak season running January through March, though you might spot one at any time. Yet another reason you will appreciate why the angels chose this place to swap their wings for mortality.

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  1. trae on April 26, 2010 at 8:13 am

    I’ve stayed here at least 6 times and would never stay anywhere else in Cabo. Great service, spa and location is ideal if you’re on business there too.

  2. travel Brasil on January 14, 2011 at 6:01 am

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