Chocolate Nirvana in New York

While in New York recently, I was wandering near the corner of King and Houston in Manhattan, when the thoroughly intoxicating aroma of chocolate pulled me into a beautiful boutique buzzing with activity. Luckily for me, I had stumbled into a chocolate-lover’s nirvana, the Hudson Square location of famed chocolatier Jacques Torres. I was immediately pulled into the smells, craftsmanship and Willy Wonka-like fantasy of what was transpiring around me. Cacao beans were being transformed into Easter bunnies; brightly colored chocolate was becoming smiles and whiskers on chubby chocolate cheeks. Naturally, being a photographer, the camera eventually came out, and I was able to capture some delicious sights. As for the chocolate itself, you’ll just have to experience that on your own.
by Dorit Thies

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