Clear Card

Have you noticed the “Clear” line at airports like JFK or DIA where travelers breeze through security? Those in the know are flashing a Clear Card and bypassing the regular security line in 20 airports around the United States. Clear is basically a registration system that lets airport security know that you’ve been pre-screened and are good to go through the special, faster Clear security check.

You can apply online, then go to an enrollment center and present two forms of government issued I.D. and submit  biometric data, which includes a photograph, fingerprints, and images of your irises that are loaded onto a card. Membership costs $100 a year, plus a $28 TSA vetting fee. Clear will be coming to additional airports, including LAX, later this year.  You’ll still have to think twice about wearing those Manolo boots, however, since even with your Clear card, you still have to take off your shoes.

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