Spa Vacation of Your Dreams

In a never-ending competition to find the next innovative treatment, spas across the globe offer kooky therapies like cow amniotic-fluid facials, sake foot baths and gem crystal acupuncture.  We have tried them all, some ridiculous, others enlightening.  Recently, we discovered another unusual offering—dream analysis combined with reiki energy work and cranial sacral therapy. Starting in February, at one of Vermont’s favorite getaways, Topnotch Resort and Spa, dream expert Layne Dalfin will host four-hour seminars to help people decode and interpret the images and stories that dance through their heads.  Freud believed that dreams were the “Royal Road” to the unconscious mind.  Dalfin, author and founder of The Dream Interpretation Center in Montreal, explains, “The dreams that we remember are typically the ones that are the most important. Dreams that are especially vivid or that evoke a strong emotional reaction often reveal problems that we are facing in our waking lives that we are working on subconsciously… The simple act of uncovering the dream’s meaning creates insight, and simultaneously releases the energy tied up in the conflict. This can be a tremendously freeing experience.”  Dalfin’s dream interpretation focuses on eliminating stress, while reiki and cranial work are effective relaxing energy work.  Together, they make for a powerful session of analysis and release.  $250 per session; first workshop begins Saturday February 21, 2009, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Winter rates at Topnotch Resort and Spa start at $195 per night, double occupancy. (800) 451-8686. Ski at nearby Stow Mountain Resort.Stoww Mountain Resort

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