Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat Reborn

The only access to nine miles of untouched golden Australian sand isn’t a road or a visitor center. It’s a fully sustainable eco-village called Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat. After being decimated by Cyclone Rita in April 2000, owner Karl Plunkett put the resort on hiatus for personal reasons, but this June successfully reopened the property after an 18-month rebuild period.  The ultra-green resort, which consists of 25 luxury Eco Villas, 30 safari-style Eco Tents, a main lodge and lots of wide open Australian landscape, is fully self-sustainable, utilizing solar panels to store the sun’s energy for evening use, treated gray water to irrigate the grounds, and composted food scraps used to fertilize the garden. The nearest suggestion of civilization is a homestead 15.5 miles away and the closest city, Broome, is an hour’s drive down the road.

Eco Beach hero

Images courtesy of Eco Beach Retreat

Despite its isolation, amenities are more than accounted for including complimentary sunrise yoga sessions, an infinity pool overlooking turquoise waters and a general store stocked with cases of Australian beer, ready and waiting to be brought back to one’s room.  The true beauty of Eco Beach lies in its duality. Guests can either lay low in luxe accommodations perched atop a sand dune, sip freshly concocted cocktails and unwind at the Eco Beach Health Retreat, or explore beach caves, take a bushwalk amongst deep red rock, and go mudcrabbing along Jack’s Creek. Or they can do it all.  Luxury in the midst of untouched wilderness and access to some of Australia’s most vividly colorful landscapes is what makes this retreat so unique, particularly when Eco Beach can lay claim to having Western Australia’s expansive landscape as its backyard.  Whether it’s indulging in sustainable luxury or facing the rugged Aussie wilderness, here, guests have nothing but options.  Prices begin at $106 USD for a three-person room.

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