I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Did you know that Americans generate an extra 25 million tons of trash between Thanksgiving and Christmas? GoGreenOnline is urging people to move toward a Zero Waste Christmas. From green wrappings and buying locally to opting for a living, replantable Christmas tree (and an overall “Shifting your Gifting” mentality), they have some clever suggestions on how to green this holiday season so there’s less waste and more thoughtful creativity to your gifts. For example: support local artisans, buy fair trade gifts, fund reforestation projects in another’s name, make a present yourself, or offer someone a gift of time or service. As everyone tightens their belts with the present economic climate, it just might be the right time to think about overconsumption and needless waste. Change can go into effect with a dash of consciousness and a stocking full of information. Pass it on. Think of it as your Christmas present to Planet Earth.

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