Jacques Torres Creates Chocolate-Lover's Nirvana In New York

Jacques Torres, Mr. Chocolate

Jacques Torres, Mr. Chocolate

New York’s undisputed sweet spot is in Manhattan, at Hudson Street at King to be exact. That’s where famed chocolatier Jacques Torres imagines and creates legendary hot chocolate, delectable confections ranging from giant Easter bunnies to Champagne-filled chocolate “kisses,” and where he provides patrons with an up-close view of his sugary skills. At his on-site factory here, one of the few places in America where chocolate is actually manufactured, his Chocolate Haven is like a Willie Wonka fantasy gone decidedly upscale and Old World, with floor-to-ceiling windows and retro candy-making equipment. And while there isn’t an Oompa Loompas or striped stockings in sight, you will see a busy staff creating mouthwatering magic as cacao beans are transformed into bunnies, chickens, truffles, bon bons and anything else your inner-chocolate-loving child desires -– or even imagined possible.

Originally from Provence, Torres is a good-natured, affable chocolate impresario who loves to chat with patrons at his combination café, retail store and factory, opened in 2004. But it’s important to note he possesses serious pastry cred, having been the youngest winner ever of France’s lofty Meilleur Ouvrier de France competition, as well as served as pastry chef at high-profile venues such as the Hotel Negresco, Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage and Le Cirque. Both locals and visitors with a discerning sweet tooth can also experience Torres’ chocolates at two other venues, in Brooklyn’s D.U.M.B.O neighborhood, as well as on Amsterdam on the Upper West Side. Chocolate lovers outside of New York can also shop online.  And although it’s just not the same as actually getting to taste some of Jacques’ chocolate, check-out the slideshow of images recently shot at his Chocolate Haven by photographer Dorit Thies. How sweet is that…

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