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Thanks to the Train Chartering Group, you don’t have to be Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to wrangle your own private train anymore. At Private Rail Cars, the hoi polloi can now join the exclusive ranks of train lovers like President Obama and take your own vintage train car to Washington D.C. and beyond. With a large network of private train cars ranging from the early 1900s through to the 1950s, travelers can enjoy the exclusive grandeur of the Orient Express on their own terms and in their own time in the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, India, China, and South Africa. If there is a special train out there, company founder Simon Pielow will find it and make it available to you.

The Orient Express

Pielow got the idea for the company while working at Eurostar observing high-level groups such as a royal party and the Rolling Stones enjoying the privacy and first class service available through Eurostar travel. Private Rail Cars offers individuals, families and businesses the retro luxury experience of traveling by private rail car on most of the rail networks of Amtrak and VIA Rail in North America, as well as selected international routes and throughout Europe, including Eurostar and Thalys. The Train Chartering Group is committed to the renaissance of rail in North America and worldwide by offering bespoke luxury train travel experiences for groups of 2 to over 600 passengers. Groups are escorted by Train Chartering stewards who liaise with station staff and train crew. Train Chartering organizes meeting and greeting facilities at stations as well as catering and all logistics. Travelers can enjoy tailored routes and timetables, fine dining and on-board entertainment, including webcasting of their epic journey. In an age where the world seems to be moving too fast, how nice to be able to slow down and take some of the stress out of travel by returning to the good old days of yore.

Orient ExpressRates: A rough price guide for private rail cars and private trains, based on a single rail car for 8 guests or a complete train for 800 is from $7,500 per day for 8 guests for 700 miles and from $140 per guest for 800 guests for a 400-mile round trip. Prices include project and guest management services, rail charges, concierge staff and butler, appetizers, beverages, and tips. Prices vary. For more information, contact: info@privaterailcars.net / Ph: +44 (0)1249 890176

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