Saving the National Parks, One Rideshare at a Time

Bryce Canyon

Share a ride to Bryce Canyon in Utah

GreenXC, an ensemble of green-minded young professionals, is on the mission to travel cross-country solely by rideshares. A unique twist to a traditional road trip, rideshares make for great adventures as eco-enthusiastic travelers connect, journey together and help reduce carbon footprints. Roadtrippers find one another via blogs, social media, even Craig’s List. GreenXC also strives to raise both money and awareness for national parks as travels to parks across the nation solely with the support and generosity of other like-minded individuals.

As it makes its way across the states, GreenXC will collect and document the stories of the fascinating people who help turn these ambitions into a reality. The experiences will be shared through daily blog posts and video footage. Followers will be able to interact and take part in the unique experience as well as donate directly to the parks visited. Most importantly, GreenXC will reach out to followers for help in completing the cross-country rideshare journey and raising awareness and money for the national parks.

With the motto “Share a ride, tell a story, save a park,” GreenXC proves that all three can be accomplished in just one adventure across the country.

Photo courtesy of National Park Service.

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