Skyros: More Than Just a Vacation

192875247_716cc0dde2_bEstablished in 1979 by an American psychologist and a Greek journalist, Skyros is the European version of California’s Esalen, but a lot more fun than its nudist counterpart. Pegged as a “health and well-being holiday,” Skyros takes an alternative and holistic approach to your time off without you having to take your clothes off. So whether you’re interested in yoga, massage, writing, life coaching, art, music, salsa, sailing or windsurfing–Skyros offers it all and more. The goal is to engage fellow travelers in activities and events that open the heart, expand the mind, recharge the body and uplift the spirit in a safe, inspiring, and comfortable community atmosphere.

A wide range of courses are available in Greece, Thailand, Cuba, Cambodia and its offshoot─The Grange─in the Isle of Wight, which are facilitated by an experienced international staff of specialists and teachers. Courses motivate and entertain, and are usually held outdoors in the beautiful landscape for about five hours a day. Students can stay in either shared or private accommodation. Home-cooked meals are typically shared and enjoyed in an informal, friendly, and relaxed environment that brings people together in a way daily life rarely does.

Atsitsa Bay in Greece offers a program of sailing, windsurfing, art, music and singing, salsa, Afro-latino, ballroom, belly dancing and more─even trapeze. All vacations include the option of yoga and most have other bodywork classes such as T’ai Chi, massage, meditation and Alexander Technique.

In the Village at the Skyros Centre, three other inspiring vacations are available. An in-depth Life Choices program deems appropriate for those who want to re-assess their life/work balance or recharge and face the challenges of life with renewed confidence. The Writers’ Lab runs a writing holiday course famous for kick-starting writing careers with the help of distinguished authors including Booker Prize winners or nominees. New this year, the Music & Arts program offers a range of creative courses.

In the winter, Skyros-in-Thailand offers courses amidst the luxury of a five-star beach resort and also an overland tour in Cambodia. Skyros-in-Cuba provides the opportunity to learn authentic Cuban Salsa with the help of local dance partners and also an inspirational Writing Holiday.

For travelers interested in experiencing, not just seeing new places, Skyros offers a unique opportunity to do so while developing friendships, a fresh outlook on life, and new sense of direction that can be truly life changing. Poet Hugo Williams described Skyros as the vacation ‘you can take home with you.’ More than a vacation, Skyros is a way of life.

Go to skyros.com to download a current brochure and calendar of events.

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