Spring Ritual: A Journey to Renewal

Dean Taraborelli, the founder of The Sanctuary at Sedona shares helpful tips to detoxify the body and find renewed energy.

Sanctuary at Sedona

Nature surrounds us with signs of healing and renewal each spring. But for those who find themselves “stuck” in life – stymied by addiction, fears, disempowering beliefs, divorce or other difficult transitions – the road to empowered living can feel like uncharted territory.

To achieve real transformation requires understanding the intrinsic connection between body, mind, soul and spirit – words we frequently hear and use today but which are too often treated as separate entities. What happens in one necessarily affects the others, and so permanent, sustainable change can only happen when we integrate these four areas.

Our shamanic healing center in Sedona helps those who suffer reclaim the energy lost to dysfunction and chart a course to purposeful living. It is an intensive journey, but many of the daily practices within our program can be adopted by anyone who seeks more meaning in life, and spring is the ideal time to make them a part of yours:

  • For the mind: practice gratitude. Each day, write at least five things for which you are grateful. If you do nothing else from this list but practice gratitude every day for a year, your life will improve.
  • For the body: eat consciously and exercise. Eat organic, raw foods with life-force energy. Take supplements to compensate for the nutrient-poor soil our food is grown in. And move. Whether you practice yoga or simply walk, exercise is essential to release toxins and cellular memory that impedes healing.
  • For the spirit: reconnect to nature. Step away from the TV (better yet, get rid of it), and take time to savor the outdoors. You have the choice of what vibration you connect to — the onslaught of negativity in the media or the healing forces of nature.
  • For the soul: be creative. Whether you choose to sing, dance or cook, pursue it with abandon, and you will know what it is to be fully present. This is your soul’s song, and your connection to the divine.

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