Summer Adventures in Peru

Machu Picchu

It’s been 100 years since  Yale University Archeologist Hiram Binghan rediscovered the sacred site, Machu Picchu, with his team in 1911.  To celebrate this historic anniversary, Austin Lehman Adventures has created three cultural adventures in Peru this summer. Imagine hiking through this land of mystery and incredible Incan history with snow-capped peaks, architectural marvels and llamas filling your view. The three adventures consist of two multi-sport cultural tours that span nine days. The third is a seven-day trekking/cultural program suited for intermediate to advanced hikers.

The first Peruvian nine-day odyssey, Peru: Machu Picchu Multi Sport Adventure, explores the Sacred Valley on its rivers, paddling Class II and III rapids, along with hiking the Inca trails, a mystical mix of ruins, mountain scenery, lush cloud forest and rich subtropical jungle trials. Once you reach the top of Huayna Picchu, you will discover verdant mountaintops, the winding Urubamba River and the Lost City of the Inca 1,000 feet below. Travelers also have an opportunity to plant a tree as part of the UN’s “Plant for the Planet” program. Departure dates include June 11th-19th, July 16th-24, August 13th-21st and October 2nd-16th.  $3,998 per person/double occupancy.

The second nine-day trip reveals both sides of the Andes Mountains and can be customized based on two or more people reserving. Spend three nights aboard a small ship that sails through the waters of the Amazon rain forest. Discover the area on water and land safaris; enjoy stunning sunrise views over Machu Picchu and a historical immersion in Incan culture. The trip navigates the incredible Incan ruins and affords breathtaking mountain views overlooking the vast valleys carved its sinuous rivers. $4,198 per person/double occupancy.


The final tour is a lodge-to-lodge journey along the Salkantay Valley to Machu Picchu. This exclusive and highly scenic route traverses bamboo forests, avocado orchards, and coffee plantations en route to Lactapatea. Enjoy a visit with an Andean family and a soak in a natural spring along the way.  $2,850 per person/double occupancy.

Llamas in Peru

For more information on trips to this land of wonder check out the award-winning tour operator Austin Lehman. 800.575.1540

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