Travel Books: Inspired Reads for the Road

500 Places To Take Your Kids Before They Grow UpA popular stop on Los Angeles’ trendy, boutique-filled West Third Street, Traveler’s Bookcase has been a destination of sorts for travel-savvy parents and their kids since it opened in 1991. But when husband and wife team Natalie Compagno and Greg Freitas took over the independent bookstore three years ago, they made it a priority to really broaden the kids’ section. “We experienced so many parents who didn’t want to give up their global explorations just because they had children, and just as importantly, they wanted to keep the kids inspired even after the trip was over, when they returned home,” observes Compagno.   “We always try to steer parents towards the unexpected even if it’s just a day outing.”

According to Compagno, a new generation of parents is taking their kids on vacation with them instead of leaving them home.  “This is wonderful because it’s educational for the children and fun for the adults in planning different kinds of trips.”  To help parents with their family travels that go far beyond cliché theme parks and dumbed-down tours,  Traveler’s Bookcase has built up a family section with children’s stories from all over the world, as well as accessories and information to create the perfect voyage of discovery, whether that’s a weekend road trip or an adventure abroad. And you don’t have be in LA to take advantage of their great selection: simply browse and order online from their travelbooks site. It’s a travel “win win. ” You get great off-the-radar travel titles and gear while supporting independent booksellers. To get you started, here are some of their current favorites from the family travel section:

“500 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up” (Frommer’s)
This book has incredible ideas about trips to take with your children.  Everything from vacations centered around kids to tailoring the trips you want to take that include your children.  From the Roman ruins to swimming with dolphins to an African safari, it’s all inside this book.

“The Most Fantastic Atlas of the Whole Wide World”
by Lazar & Swerling
An illustrated Atlas with fold-out pages, detailed maps and fun facts.  Kids will love the zany cartoons and have fun learning about the countries of world.

“Around the World With Mouk”  (Chronicle Books)
This is our favorite book in the store right now.  Mouk goes around the word from Lapland to Peru.  The characters are bright and interesting and there are stickers to affix onto each scene (removable of course). Hours of entertainment and learning for the hip family.

A Globe
It is so simple but every kid loves having their own globe.  Traveler’s Bookcase features models that light up for night-time wish-list travel too.  What better way to get your child inquiring about the world and ready to travel?

Undercover Bears: LUG kid’s blanket
Practical and whimsical, kids will have their own blanket and friend all in one cuddly package.  These little furry colorful animals turn into a pillow and blanket so your child is warm and can nap easily on planes, trains, cars or wherever.

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