Travel Like a Star

Ever wish you could travel like a celebrity and never wait in a security line? Dream no more. Wandermelon has the inside scoop on how you can get star treatment at the airport, for as little as $100. Airport Assistance is a private meet and greet service that has catered to high profile clients and celebrities for the past 30 years. But you don’t have to be a bold face name to book their services and the prices are affordable with rates starting at $95. They serve over 140 airports, including most major US and European cities: www.airportassistance.com (310) 417 3620

Wandermelon used Airport Assistance on a recent flight to Mexico. An escort arrived curb side to assist with check in and then took us to the First Class security screening line (we bought an economy ticket). We definitely felt like rock stars as we bypassed the security line. We were then ushered into the private airline lounge until our departure time.

American Airlines also offers a similar service, although you won’t find it advertised on their website. Five Star service is available to anyone flying American Airlines between Los Angeles and JFK. Just pay $100 and a greeter will shuttle you through check-in and take you to the shortest security line and on to an airport club or gate. Movie studio execs and celebs have been using the service for years, but it is available to anyone who knows the number: (877) 578 2702.

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