World Cup Videos: Global Videos Celebrating The Games

Let the Games Begin! (on Youtube anyway). Videos from advertisers, musical stars and others from around the world are setting the stage for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

We’re very excited about the World Cup, now just over a week away, so we thought we would share with you some of our favorite videos from places as far-flung as Japan, Mexico and Lesotho to get you pump and primed for the big event. And don’t forget (to quote K’Naan) wave your flag!

A good-natured video joyride portrays Argentines recruiting local fans in the small African country of Lesotho. By all appearances, they mastered the “Ole, Ole, Ole.”

An anime extravaganza, Japan’s at-first demoralized team is inspired by a giant bird (we’re not kidding) and their fans and ultimately vanquish their foe.  This may just end up in the multi-plex.

Incredibly inventive and visual, this great narrative follows real stars from various teams including the UK, Italy, Portugal and Brasil, imagining the players’ futures if they blow their big moment –or emerge victorious.

Mexico/Allstate Insurance
In a chase scene worthy of the Italian Job, an array of Mexican soccer fans rush to reunite their famed goalkeeper, Guillermo Ochoa, with his dropped gloves:


Brasilian artists Jammil teams up with the famous drummers of Olodum in a percussive love-fest in support of the Brasilian national team.

K’Naan /Somalia-USA
In what has become the anthem for the 2010 World Cup, K’Naan, the youthful Somali-American singer performs his “Wavin’ Flag” tune to thousands of flag wavers at a German stadium.

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