Adventure Surfers in RUSSIA

Six surfers go on a quest to find the best surf in the Kamchatka peninsula, one of the most remote regions of the world.

Surfing in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

The Kamchatka peninsula’s active volcanoes, desolate black sand beaches, rugged coastline and lush forests teeming with wildlife remain far removed from any tourist destination, making it an adventure travelers dream. Could the Russian Peninsula one day be a surf destination? It’s definitely not a place for the faint of heart. Due to the lack of infrastructure most parts are impossible to access without helicopters and six-wheel drive vehicles. A surf trip to Kamchatka peninsula requires a thick wetsuit with booties and hood, helicopter, and the ability to live off the land since there are no nearby surf hotels or restaurants. The majestic mountain terrain dotted with active volcanoes, isolated beaches, and wildlife including bears, seals and killer whales offers a surf trip like no other.

This video follows six surfers on a quest to find the best surf in the Kamchatka peninsula.

Preparing To Surf In Russia from Ben Weiland on Vimeo.

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