My City, My Los Angeles

A unique new book by Jeryl Brunner gives readers an inside glimpse at some of Los Angeles’ unique attractions from a diverse group of celebrities. 

Los Angeles offers visitors a myriad of attractions, and in the new book, My City, My Los Angeles: Famous People Share Their Favorite Places, Jeryl Brunner interviews a wide range of celebrities on their favorite places in the city. Readers will discover idyllic beaches, hideaways, hikes, and sails around Los Angeles.

In addition to learning about each location discussed by the celebrities, readers are given an inside look into the reasons why they enjoy a particular space.  Molly Shannon reflects on the Annenberg Community Beach House, built by William Randolph Hearst for his mistress, “I love the idea that I’m swimming in the mistress’s pool.”

The activities are as diverse and eclectic as the city itself.  There’s advice on everything from top restaurants,  favorite stores, markets and spas to saunters, sails, hikes and drives.

My City, My Los Angeles gives readers something uniquea chance to experience L.A. the way the city’s luminaries do.


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