Nominate Your Favorite Teacher for a Free Cycling Tour

ExperiencePlus! awards cycling trip to passionate educator.

Cycling in Costa Rica

The true unsung heroes of everyday life are our public school teachers, who make their mark in students’ lives day after day. ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours announces its annual trip award to honor these tireless souls who guide our youth along the path of knowledge.

Since 1996, ExperiencePlus! has heralded the Send A Teacher Traveling (S.A.T.T.) program, giving away over 20 free bicycle tours across Europe and Latin America. A family business and firm believers in the value of honoring teachers, ExperiencePlus! provides this experience to allow teachers to engage in their own educational travel opportunities that have the potential to benefit the students as well. “We believe that public school teachers are the nation’s most important human resource,” said Maria Elena Price, ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours co-owner.

Touring in France

Kudos to ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours for rewarding some of the most outstanding public school teachers in the United States with a cycling tour abroad and experience of a lifetime.

Teachers are invited to self-nominate themselves by the March 30 deadline.  Applicants are asked to explain why they should receive the tour and how they will use their S.A.T.T experience to add vibrancy to their classroom. This award is for public school teachers only, grades K-12.

For more details call 800-685-4564, email tours@experienceplus.com or visit ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours.

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