Ride On! New York City’s New Bike Share Program

This summer, New York will launch a new bike-share program to provide an affordable, 24/7 transportation option for New Yorkers.  Set to roll in July in parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, Citi will be the title sponsor for the new program, called ‘Citi Bike’.

The installation of stations will begin in late July with plans for 10,000 bikes and 600 bike docking stations. The solar-powered, wireless docking stations will be located on sidewalks, curbside road space, and plazas. The self-service system will provide members with easy access to thousands of bikes located throughout the city.

With all the extra bikes on the streets, safety is a concern. Each bike will be equipped with a bell and both front and rear lights. There will also be a safety message inscribed on each bike encouraging helmet use and cautions to yield to pedestrians, avoid riding on sidewalks, ride with traffic and obey all traffic lights and signs. For residents and those traveling to NYC this summer, the bicycles will offer an easier, more affordable way to navigate the city. For more information on  how the system works and pricing, check out CitiBike.com. We love how New York rolls.

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