The TRAVEL BIZ: How to Work In Travel

How To Work In TravelSomething readers often ask us is how they can make travel a part of their job.  Plenty of books and travel guidebooks out there teach you how to leave your job and lifestyle behind to travel the globe as a permanent nomad, but there are very few resources out there for someone who wants to make travel their professional career.  Recently published eBook, How to Work in Travel is one of the only resources like this out there that we’ve seen.  If you’re interested in making travel your career and joining an industry that generates hundreds of billions of dollars in all corners of the world (latest stats we’ve seen say that globally, 1 in 6 jobs is travel/tourism related) you might want to check out How to Work in Travel.

We can tell you from experience, the travel industry is complicated, but at the same time, incredibly gratifying. There’s much more to it than just airlines, hotels and travel agents.  Understanding how the industry works, and its many players and nuances, is the first step to finding a career in travel.  Written by an industry insider (who we know and can personally vouch for as the real deal), this book goes into great detail on the tourism value chain, who buys from whom, where commissions come into play and how much they are, and the role of government and tourism boards as well as associations and travel consortia.  There’s even entire chapters dedicated to the role of PR, advertising agencies, and travel trade shows and events around the world.  All the background information is backed up with dozens of detailed diagrams, org charts, sample resumes, job descriptions, salary guides, vocabulary, insider tips and tourism contacts – nearly 150 pages of insider info and plain-English explanations.  Basically everything you need to understand the industry and find a job within it.  If the travel industry is where you want to be, How to Work in Travel will definitely help you get there.


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