Are you longing to get away? To ease the ache of missing what it’s like to be with your friends and family. To rest. To hand over your schedule. To have the best therapist dig into the tension you feel in your shoulders, and to sleep as long as you want. Are you craving a retreat that lifts your heart?

At Wandermelon, we are all about life-shifting, spirit-lifting travel journeys to balance our lives, and give back to the places and people we visit.

Our retreats are set in breathtaking locations, and are created on the belief that travel should be about how you want to feel and not just where you want to go. It should be about something bigger than us, and offer a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness.

Whether it’s experiences, new friends, healing, growth, spirituality, philanthropy, or manifesting your dream life -- we have a retreat for you! We will take you to the most stunning off-the-beaten path places on earth, introduce you to inspiring teachers, therapists and healers, help align your mind, body and soul, and enable you to emerge from your chrysalis into a beautiful butterfly you have been destined to become.

Travel that not only looks good on the outside but feels good on the inside.

We are former travel journalists turned travel entrepreneurs and philanthropists. We have traveled the world and transformed our own lives through the most unforgettable experiences.

When our world changed in 2020, we realized that everyone should have an opportunity for a wellness break: whether you’re looking for a recharge, a kick start, a full life redesign or just some time out.

Retreating with Wandermelon is different; we actually design our retreats as if we are traveling ourselves, so that your choice is an easier one to make.

Terena, Elina + Kristina


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