Wandermelon delivers inspiration, meaningful + engaging content, practical tools, life-shifting + spirit-lifting retreats to travelers who want to balance, enrich + empower their life through travel.

Our mission is to provide customers with vetted excursions that offer the opportunity for personal growth and experiences that invoke empathy, gratitude, and cultural appreciation.


Why another travel website? Glad you asked...several important features differentiate us from other sites. First, our team of writers and photographers are not only passionate about travel – we're professionals who do this for a living.  This gives us abundant insights and contacts around the globe we are happy to share with you, our readers.  We also actually visit and vet the destinations we share with you  instead of relying on recycled press releases and aggregated content from third-party sites like many of our competitors. Equally important, we focus on “experience-based” travel, meaning we do everything from five-star to no-star. Our only requirement is it must be an exceptional "five star" experience – an unparalleled travel encounter worthy of our discerning audience. 


We are a small group of friends and professional travel writers and photographers from around the globe who love what we do and hope you do too. Here you can find inside tips and current information from all of our travels and share them with your friends and family as we've been doing for years.

Happy Travels! — The WanderMelon Team


Sheep on moors | Photo: Michael Webb
Spice Stall Udaipur Market 1
Chhatra Sagar Sunrise | Photo: Jane Adams
Songyang tea house | Photo: Michael Webb


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