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wf2Next time you go abroad, why not take a flag? Neil Armstrong put one on the moon. Sir Edmund Hillary planted one on the top of Everest. Consider making your own mark somewhere in the world. Thanks to the The Map Shop in Rochester, NY, it’s never been easier with their new International Flag site: 1-800Flags.com. Owner Zeke Little has a background in vexillology (the scientific study of flags) and has been selling myriad flags from his shop for over 15 years. Zeke can supply indoor and outdoor, miniature and State, decals, historical, military and specialty flags, organized by country, as well as string flags, finials and flag poles. For over 4,000 years, flags have been used as symbols of hope, power, identity, and communication. The first type was called a vexilloid─the Latin word for “guide”. Flags traditionally use symbols to express ideas that sometimes words cannot. They have been used for wars and in memoriam, as well as for the celebration of special events. The colors in flags have special meanings: red represents danger, revolution, bloodshed of war, courage and power; orange stands for courage and sacrifice; green means safety, land, youth and hope; yellow calls for caution and gold; black depicts mourning and death. Most people equate a white flag with a symbol of surrender and truce. Another well known flag is the “Jolly Roger,” used by pirates to frighten people. These flags usually had a black background which stood for “no quarter,” or “no mercy will be shown to those who resist.” Be sure to check out the The World Flag─a symbol of unity, which transcends borders, race, and religion. This global flag inspires people to work together toward a common good. So go fly your flag and make a difference on your travels!

The World Flag

The World Flag

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