Lanzarote: The Canary Islands' Lunar Landscape


Located just off the southwest coast of Morocco, Lanzarote, the 60-km-long, semi-tropical Canary Island boasts surreal scenery forged by massive volcanic eruptions during the 1700s. For 2,053 days spanning from 1730 to 1736,  the island shook with seismic activity that created 32 new volcanoes and totally transformed much of the island’s interior–replacing farmland and villages with lava fields and spent volcanic peaks. The twisted terrain is often likened to the surface of the moon–so much so, that Apollo 13 astronauts studied the region before making their own lunar landing.  The dramatic landscape of magnificent mountain ranges, red rocks, lava fields, arid desert, and unspoiled beaches have served as backdrops for a number of major motion pictures over the years, most recently Pedro Almodovar´s latest release “Broken Embraces,” starring Penelope Cruz.

camels at park

Declared an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve protected site, the island also has the world’s largest submerged volcanic tunnel called the “Tunnel of Atlantis.”   Lanzarote’s white sand beaches, great surf, trade winds ideal for kitesurfing, and resident camels for trekking through Timanfaya Volcano Park add to the charm and allure. The residents represent a cultural melting pot of Europe and Latin America as the island served as a stopover for Spanish galleons returning from South America.

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  1. Holidays To Lanzarote X on July 18, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    There are some wonderful photos of Lanzarote volcanoes on David Seri´s website

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