Navigating Utah's Red Rock Canyons SUP-Style

Explore Utah’s natural playground while stand up paddling along the Colorado River.

Moab Adventures SUP on Colorado River

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is the new hot sport with “sea sweepers” dotting the ocean and enthusiasts exploring lagoons, lakes and rivers. As any SUP athlete will attest, it’s easier to paddle on calm waters without waves, so bays, lagoons and slow-flowing rivers are great environments for this rapidly growing sport. For travelers headed to Utah, Moab Adventure Center is now leading a series of Stand Up Paddleboarding tours on the Colorado River so “suppers” can work on their core while enjoying the scene beauty of Utah’s red rock canyons.

“This sport that began in Hawaii is easy to master for just about any age, and provides an excellent full-body workout,” says Brandon Lake, co-founder of Moab Adventure Center. After just a short orientation, guests can stand up on the boards and paddle away. “With the breathtaking scenery of the Colorado River’s canyons, spires and mesas taking center stage, we even see people lying down on their backs, snapping photos and watching the clouds and cliffs drift by. It’s very different than paddling on the ocean or a lake where the scenery is more static.”

Almost anyone can SUP, and it has a short learning curve. And it’s a great workout. Women paddlers can burn 500 to 700 calories per hour, while men burn a little higher at 800 to 1000 calories per hour. So not only will you have a good time taking in the immense beauty of this area, you might just lose weight as well.

Moab Adventures offers 2 to 2.5-hour excursions that depart mornings and at sunset. Special introductory packages from now until October are available at $75 for ages 16 and up, and $55 ages 10 to 15, which are regularly $95 and $75 respectively. Equipment and instruction are included.

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