Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventures Honor 40th Anniversary of Mountain Travel Sobek

Uganda's Mountains of the Moon

Uganda's Mountains of the Moon

For 40 years, Mt Sobek has escorted enthusiasts to the far reaches of the globe. In honor of this anniversary, Sobek has created Follow-the-Leader trips with veteran guides to off-the-beaten path destinations. A 21-day trek in Nepal traverses one of the most remote parts of the Himalayas, Inner Dolpo, a time-warp area secluded by 17,000-feet high mountain passes where rare Bon monasteries and a life unchanged over the past 1000 years exists. Or how about exploring Turkey’s glaciated Pontic Alps with its verdant tea plantations, hazelnut groves, crystal lakes, and abundant wildlife. If Africa is calling, a 14-day trek through Uganda’s Rwenzoris—the fabled “Mountains of the Moon”— might be in order  as you ‘ll navigate 16,000-foot peaks, glacier fields, and rainforests dotted with chimpanzees, forest elephants and leopards. Forty such unique adventures await from whitewater rafting six continents to mind-blowing walking safaris through Kenya. Also in honor of the anniversay, Sobek is giving away 40 free trips. Book an adventure trip by Friday, April 17, 2009, and depart before December 21, 2009, and a second person travels for free on selected destinations.

Call 1-888-831-7526  and use the code “40Free” at time of booking.


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