PAPUA NEW GUINEA wants to know: What’s your tribe?

Win a trip to one of the world’s last great undiscovered destinations by showing your colors

Papua New Guinea "Sing Sing" Celebration. Image: Papua New Guinea Tourism

The second largest island in the world, Papua New Guinea, is a place of superlatives. Located just north of Australia and larger than California, PNG is home to an incredible array of natural wonders, exotic wildlife and experiences like hiking remote jungle trails, cruising the mighty Sepik river, surfing the waves of New Ireland, and experiencing some of the world’s best scuba diving amongst coral reefs, wrecks, walls and caves.

Home to over 700 tribes that have distinct languages and cultures thanks to the island nation’s rugged topography of deep, isolated valleys, the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority has come up with a creative way for travelers to win a trip to PNG and dive deep into the rich culture. To participate, just check out the new What Tribe Are You? website, and take a quick seven-question quiz to reveal which Papua New Guinea tribe is most your style. Island? Jungle? Warrior? Diva? Once your tribe is revealed, you’re automatically entered to win a trip to visit your tribe in Papua New Guinea. Besides having the opportunity to discover your PNG ‘Wantok’ (Pidgin English for ‘One-Talk’ indicating one’s village family), www.WhatTribeAreYou.com also includes a fun Face Your Tribe photo widget in which you can upload a picture of yourself and get kitted out in traditional Papuan headdresses. Then upload your new PNG avatar to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to share with family and friends to let them know you’ve gone native. Good luck and let us know if you win!





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