Speak Spanish Wines

Spanish wines on display How’s your Spanish? Wine knowledge that is… If you’re serious about wine, you know Spanish varietals are rising stars on the international scene with impressive showings at competitions and new prominence in top cellars alongside the best from Bordeaux and Napa. For those whose interest in vino goes beyond pleasure into the realm of passion or profession, the Spain Wine Academy is offering a master seminar in Spanish wine in New York from October 21-23, 2008. A certified, comprehensive course on Spain’s wine industry, the two-and-a-half-day program will cover the main Spanish DO´s (Denominación de Origen), terroirs, wine styles and grape varieties, along with an important tasting component. The discerning palates who pass the blind tasting tests and can answer questions such as how many Sherry styles are made from palomino, will become certified Spanish Wine Educators.  Best scorers will be invited to a wine trip to Spain invited by ICEX- Wines of Spain. If a certification is a little too ambitious and you simply want to taste some of the most magnificent wines to come out of Spain recently, might we suggest something in the Master Tasting of Iconic Spanish Wine realm, a more informal tasting that will be hosted along with the seminar. Both the seminar and the tasting will be held at the Warwick Hotel. Cost for the seminar and certification testing is $375; the tasting is $220 with seminar attendees receiving a 50 percent discount. Future seminars are also planned for Antwerp, Helsinki, London and Germany. Check out their calendar for further details: Spanish Wine. Bravo!

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