Traveler Profile: Tara McCann

After ditching her job in the film industry, Tara McCann set sail through the Caribbean for a year with her husband and young son. While in the West Indies, an idea struck when she saw the Rastafarian ladies stitching sail straps onto colorful flour bags. Her eco-friendly Webe Bags (“We Be Bags, Mon”) are made from such agricultural sacks (rice, flour, oats, coffee beans) and sail straps, and lined with gorgeous fabrics.  Whether you need a sturdy grocery sack, a beach tote, or funky purse, McCann has created a menagerie of hip, stylish bags that support third world communities and the stay-home-moms in Utah who sew them. McCann and family return to the islands yearly; her passion for travel has turned into a flourishing business. We be jealous, mon.

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