Global Scavenger Hunt: A Blind Date With The World

KathmanduFellow travelers, the 2010 Global Scavenger Hunt is about to begin! Applications are now being accepted online for the sixth annual GreatEscape event–an around-the-world travel adventure competition offering 25 contestants (in teams of two) a culturally immersive travel experience comprised of an exciting journey over a three-week period between April 9th  and May 1st, 2010. Besides the unparalleled adventure, participants have the chance to win the coveted The World’s Greatest Traveler™ title (including prize money and crown), while raising money for charities along the way. Participants will be given a challenging “List of Things to Do” in a surprise city that will have them solving riddles, following cryptic clues, answering travel trivia questions and looking for physical hints to discover unique items across four continents while visiting World Heritage Sites, sacred spots, natural wonders, Lost Cities, famous museums, historic architecture sites, exotic locales, and cultural events and festivals. Contestants are not told where they are going next until they arrive at the airport.

Fish Markets in West AfricaThe purpose of this once-in-a-lifetime journey is to actually get out there and do things, rather than just passively sightsee. “Our cultural immersion will move teams away from having their noses stuck in guidebooks and get them engaged in the human connection of travel,” says William D. Chalmers, the events organizer. “It‘s from those personal interactions and up close and personal experiences that we all grow as people. That‘s what The Global Scavenger Hunt is all about. Our unofficial motto is to have our travelers trust strangers in strange lands.” While competing, teams will need to overcome language barriers, cultural differences, transportation and logistic snafus, couple dynamics, and withstand the heat of team competition–along with elephants, jet lag, street urchins, and a certain restaurant specializing in fried caterpillars! (Watch the caterpillar video.)

Traveling CompanionsWe can’t think of a more engaging way to learn things about the world (and yourself), while doing good for others by helping to raise funds towards a $1 million goal for charitable organizations like Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, and Partners in Health, among others.  This trip is for travelers who crave an authentic adventure, enjoy exotic travel, and hunger for a real life travel competition. Couch potatoes need not apply.

Price: The Global Scavenger Hunt is limited to 25 two-person teams that are required to pay a US $9,900 per-person entry fee, which covers all international airfare, 23-nights in First Class hotels and about 40% of meals. For additional information or to apply, please visit GlobalScavengerHunt.com or contact the GreatEscape Adventures at 310.281.7809.

Note: The Great Escape Foundation is also happy to give suggestions for those who need assistance raising money or obtaining sponsorship. The foundation has assisted in school building projects, micro-loans, clinic building, disaster and humanitarian relief donations. Contestants that help raise the most money for the Foundation’s causes will automatically be entered into the next GreatEscape event and have their team’s entire entrance fee waived, win or lose. See the GreatEscape Foundation page for further details.


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