Charlie's Hollywood Legacy

GardenCharlie Chaplin was not only a Hollywood icon but also a resident fixture with a passion for acting and real estate. Brokers citing the legend as a “former resident” is a common sales pitch that locals remain wary of, but in this case, it is true. The recently restored “Charlie” was originally built by Chaplin in 1924 as a mini-studio and creative compound for some of Hollywood’s brightest stars. Conceived as a “picturesque English village,” property developer Menacem Trevuish has honored Chaplin’s vision and recently completed an award-winning $15 million, five-year restoration that has involved dozens of architects, craftsmen, engineers, and city planners. The Charlie is a stunning collection of 14 English-style cottages (11 guest rooms and three private apartments–all named after the stars that stayed there), set amidst a beautiful overgrown garden complete with fruit trees, vines and cobbles. Behind the shingles and shutters are cozy rooms designed with understated English elegance and comfort. Thick wooden beams lift the ceilings while lead glass pain windows give the rooms light and charm, including a specially designed window of the little tramp himself. Chaplin wrote many of his films here and shared his sanctuary with some of Hollywood’s finest stars. Today, A-listers and fans are lining up again to enjoy Hollywood’s hottest and most exclusive celebrity retreat. Don’t miss this latest blockbuster!

Valentino Charlie Living Room

The Charlie
819 North Sweetzer Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 988 9000

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