dineLA Extends Restaurant Week for Month of February

Los Angeles chefs with Mayor Villaraigosa

Los Angeles chefs with Mayor Villaraigosa

Sure, we’re in an economic crunch and most of us are looking for ways to save money, but you still have to eat.  When key advisors such as Suze Orman say ridiculous things like people should stop dining out, please ignore her and remember that 13 million Americans are employed by the 945,000 restaurants in the US. You may have to cut back a little on your weekly sushi splurge, or maybe not… at least not during February in Los Angeles.  Cities across the country participated in Restaurant Week this month, where eating establishments  enticed diners with delectable food at lower prices.  In LA, over 120 restaurants have decided to extend the dineLA Restaurant Week for the entire month of February, a smart move for business and bellies. From BLT and Boa to Grace and Gordon Ramsey at The London, myriad restaurants are offering exciting gustatory adventures for Angelinos who want to support their favorite chefs or explore new terrain. These wonderful chefs create culinary sensations, so do your part to keep these restaurants alive by eating out when you can!

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