Celebrate Tokyo's Food Scene in NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES

“Hungry for Tokyo,” a first-ever Japanese restaurant promotion is showcasing some of the best and under-the-radar restaurants in top US cities, from the east to the west coast.

Delectable sushi platter at Sushi Roku. Credit: Sushi Roku.

Delectable sushi platter at Sushi Roku. Credit: Sushi Roku.

More than 40 restaurants in New York and Los Angeles are featuring delicious Tokyo-themed dishes on their menus for the month of November.

In Los Angeles, featured dishes will include the “Uni Scallop Tiradito” served at Picca; the “Tokyo Kanpachi” at Asanebo; “Shabu Suki with Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef from Kagoshima at Shunji restaurant; “K-ZO Vegetable Tokyo Tower” (with layered smoked vegetable with special beets dressing) at K-ZO; the “Tokyo Bowl” at Yellow Fever; and the “Crispy Tuna Rice” Katsu-ya Northridge. Notable restaurants Sotto and Superba will also be participating  in the Japanese foodie promotion.

EN Japanese Brasserie in New York. Credit: EN.

Artful display at EN Japanese Brasserie in New York. Credit: EN.

In New York, creative offerings such as the “En Chirashi” by EN Brasserie; the “Tokyo Style Teriyaki Burger” by Bohemian; the “Clam Ramen” by Hide-chan Ramen; and the “Silken Mozzarella, Smoked Kabocha Squash Grilled Scallion, Dashi Broth, Pumpkin and Sesame Seeds” at Speedy Romeo is just a snapshot out of many Tokyo-themed dishes that will be featured.

Upon ordering one of these dishes from this special menu, a customer will receive a copy of the “Tokyo Gourmet Guide: the Expert Edition,” a dedicated booklet containing insider information on the best foodie-destinations in Tokyo.

The “Hungry for Tokyo” campaign is an initiative by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government intended to highlight Tokyo as a world-class culinary destination, which boasts more Michelin stars than any other city or destination in the world.  A new dedicated “Hungry for Tokyo” campaign website has also been launched to promote culinary tourism to Tokyo. For more information about the “Hungry for Tokyo” promotion, visit their website: http://www.gotokyo.org/hungryfortokyo.


Liz Laing

Liz Laing

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Liz Laing

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