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Shiva Rae

Shiva Rea

LA’s favorite yogini, Shiva Rea, from Exhale in Venice, takes her practice to a multicultural level with her yogadventures─classes, retreats, and workshops taught around the planet for globetrotting yoga fans. If you find yourself in Bali, check out the Yoga Barn in the artistic community of Ubud where Shiva will lead a Prana Flow and Trance Dance class on March 22. Energize your life force amidst vibrant green rice paddies and temples ladden with howling monkeys and flower-laced altars. On March 29th, Shiva heads to Nikko, Japan for a vinyasa and meditation workshop at Myogetsu-Bo Studio, set in a garden of a Tendai Buddhist temple, part of the Nikko UNESCO World Heritage Site. If in Tokyo on March 30th, visit Be Yoga for a Shiva Rae master class.  At the Kripalu Center for Yoga, in the Berkshires Mountains of western Massachusetts, Shiva leads another multiday retreat of trance dance, yoga, self exploration, and more from May 22 to May 25.  If summer on Santorini sounds good, add in daily sunrise and sunset meditations, prana yoga, sailing, and swims in the Aegan sea for the ultimate Shiva trip, a Living Freedom Retreat in Greece, June 26 to July 2. Even if Shiva isn’t teaching, any of the above centers are exceptional spots for yoga and moments of innner peace.  Namaste!

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