The Charym of Connecticut

Charym WalkCharym, meaning beauty and health in Bhutanese, is the inspiration for award-winning interior designer Alexandra Champalimaud’s latest creation–an utterly simple and elegant well-being retreat in the wooded hills of Litchfield, Connecticut, just 2 ½ hours from New York. Renowned for creating beautiful environments for luxury hotels around the world such as The Algonquin, The Berkeley, The Carlyle and The Dorchester, Alexandra recently set her sights on her own backyard after a life-changing trip to Bhutan and a health scare that forced her to slow down and re-examine her own lifestyle. Charym was inspired by the people of Bhutan, who measure the health of their society in terms of “gross national happiness” and Alexandra today is a shining example of this practice and philosophy.

Charym EntranceBased on the principles of Deepak Chopra’s philosophy of Western science and ancient healing practices, Charym takes an integral approach to the practice of vibrant living pioneered by the former Director of Women’s Health at the Chopra Center for Well-being in La Costa, California. Dr. Malynn Utzinger helped incorporate the best of modern medicine and ancient healing traditions into Charym’s Integral Health approach, which emphasizes prevention, lifestyle change, emotional intelligence, personal purpose, and sustainable medicine. Hilary Garivaltis, Dean of Kripalu’s School of Ayurveda, also regularly offers personal consultations on a wide range of health and lifestyle concerns, including back pain, digestive problems, dietary issues, allergies, infertility, anxiety, depression, and burnout. With a dedicated team of 12, Charym is committed to helping make real and lasting changes in individual lives through personal consultations and the practice of yoga, meditation, dance, fitness, pilates. A wide range of classes are offered, including Ashtanga Yoga for Athletes, Ballet Yoga Flow, Bhakti Devotional Yoga, Kripalu Vinyasa Flow, Charym Meditation & Transformational Healing Circle, Charym Spirit Dance & Sacred Movement as well as Yoga for Men. Other options include Body Sculpting, Hiking, Biking and Personal Fitness, as well as a wide array of Spa Treatments, Holistic Physical Therapy and even psychotherapy to help people cope with life transitions, adjustment disorders, anxiety disorders, bereavement and relationship issues.

Charym Yoga

The Charym Spa incorporates healing techniques from around the world, emphasizing India’s Ayurveda (“science of life”), the Chinese Chi/Qi (“natural energy of the universe”) and Tibetan/Bhutanese traditions. A range of nurturing body, skin and nail care treatments are available to help improve health and reduce stress, including massage, reiki, aromatherapy, and reflexology treatments. Alexandra believes that self-esteem and a sense of beauty have always been integral to health. “When we are down, beauty inspires and gives us renewed energy–prana or chi. Sadly, somewhere along the way, the idea of beauty has lost its depth.” Thankfully, Charym is dedicated to reviving that deep beauty and recapturing its contribution to health and happiness.


The “Litchfield Lab” is where the Charym team develops and refines their approach to integrated health, vitality and beauty, serving clients through a nurturing, community-oriented operation at a discreet and sacred environment that resembles a dzong, a traditional Bhutanese monastery. West Street Yard, an adapted, 19th century lumber yard, located in the center of Litchfield, houses the yoga and fitness studios, therapeutic day spa and integral health center. The entryway is an inviting golden door painted with colorful Bhutanese artwork using images Alexandra brought back from her trip, adorned with soft curtains that flutter in the breeze giving the place a magical shrine-like feel.

Charym Yoga Class

Alexandra insists that there is nothing exclusive about Charym and that there is something for everyone in the community, ranging from an inspirational, $20 yoga class to extended cleansing and detoxification programs. Charym also offers get-away packages to detoxify the body, relax the mind, and rejuvenate the spirit. Each is completely personalized and can combine yoga, fitness, outdoor activities, health and lifestyle assessments, organic food, therapeutic treatments and pampering beauty treatments.

walk in the woodsFor visitors to Litchfield seeking a restorative experience in a beautiful New England village, Charym @ West Street Yard offers intense personalized health programs within easy walking distance of great restaurants, shopping and comfortable lodging at the historic 18th Century Abel Darling Bed & Breakfast or the funky Winvian resort–a five-star, Relais & Chateau hotel sequestered on 113 acres just outside of Litchfield and surrounded by thousands of acres of nature preserve. For anyone looking to improve their happiness quota without having to jet to Bhutan, Charym in Connecticut might just be the ticket to getting in shape physically, mentally and spiritually–just say “chi” and smile.

Further information is available at: info@charym.com / 860.567.7795 or go to charym.com for special events and packages, such as a Soul Searching Afternoon, Escape for a NY Minute and Spread the Love Around.

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