First Class for Pets

lolatoy2Traveling on airlines with pets has always been an ordeal between the restrictions and limitations, not to mention the fact, that animals, who are too big to fit under the seat, must undergo anxiety-filled rides in cargo. Now owners and pets have another option with Pet Airways─the first pet-only airline that launches in July. Dogs and cats will receive first-class treatment riding in the main cabin, and any size or breed of is welcomed.

The pampering begins at arrival in the Pet Airways lounge. “Pawsengers” are checked in at least two hours before the flights and are walked and given bathroom breaks before being secured in individual carriers provided by the airline. Pet Attendants cater to pet’s needs throughout the flight and even offer bathroom breaks during the flight if needed.

Owners are requested not to feed pets right before the flight. And since the animals will be chilling in comfort, owners should not administer tranquilizers. Flight service will start in July between New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. Next up: Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto, Atlanta, and Boston. Introductory fares cost $150 each way right now, with prices expected to rise to $250. The only drawback? Owners are not allowed to travel with their pets─even in cargo. But you can track Fido’s travel progess online. Book here.

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