Fly First Class for the Price of Coach

If flying first class in a downsized economy seems like a thing of the past, not to worry, we’ve got a hot tip for you: discounted first-class tickets on every domestic airline. Known as a Y-Up or Q-Up fare, they allow you to fly first class for slightly more, the same price, or even less than coach.  One of the airline industry’s best-kept secrets, these deeply discounted first class airline tickets are available only for travel within and between the United States and Canada. Y-Up airfares are published to look like a coach ticket, but they are actually guaranteed first-class airline tickets.  You will also get frequent flyer mileage based on buying a first-class ticket, even though the ticket fare code is economy.

Be sure to specifically ask for this fare if you are booking though a travel agent, or check out the site farecompare.com that offers a Y-Up search tool.

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  1. Theo Waddell on November 15, 2008 at 6:52 pm

    Wow…I wish I’d seen this earlier this year when I was flying around the U.S. more. Great to know! Is there anything similar for travel to South America?

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