Free Entry to US National Parks


If you are looking for a memorable vacation that may be within hours of your own backyard, consider one of the stunning US national parks for your next vacation. From the Grand Canyon’s epic views, to the majestic landscapes of Yellowstone, summer is the prime season to enjoy these natural wonders.

For three weekends this summer, travelers will enjoy no entrance fees at 147 national parks and monuments. The free weekends are June 20-21 (Father’s Day weekend), July 18-19 and Aug. 15-16.  The nation’s 244 other parks are always free. So pack your bags and head outdoors! Some of wandermelon’s favorite parks include:

Joshua Tree National Park, California
Blessed with fascinating plant and wildlife, Joshua Tree is one of California’s most unique adventures.  For a walk on the wild side, check out the parks thriving biodiversity shaped by the junction of three of California’s ecosystems. Roam through the dry, arid Colorado Desert filled with cacti and creosote bushes. Continue on to the Mojave Desert, where the distinctive Joshua Trees thrive in the cooler temperatures before climbing above 4,000 feet to the pine-filled San Bernadino Mountains.

Great Sand Dunes, Colorado
Most everyone associates Colorado with the breathtaking peaks of the Rocky Mountains.  But Colorado also plays host the the tallest sand dunes in North America. For a memorable outdoor journey, pack a tent and hike inland.  There are a myriad of streams and lakes flowing through the dunes. Climb to the top of a sand dune for a color-filled sunset and an exhilerating rush to the bottom.

Acadia National Park, Maine
Acadia National Park boasts soaring granite cliffs and rugged rock-bound coastlines.  Hop on a bike and explore the deep forest or drive the 20-mile Park Loop Road. Drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain, the highest point in the park, for sweeping vista views. There are 125 miles of hiking trails, 45 miles of carriage roads to be explored via bikes or horses, miles of ocean kayaking, rock climbing, fishing and, of course, camping.

View all of the parks participating in the free entry here.

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