Jean-Michel Cousteau Organic Skincare Launches

Skincare lines often claim to be all-natural while still containing harmful sulfates and parabens. But the new bath and body care products, Jean-Michel Cousteau by Maricoid, are made from 100-percent organic seaweed extract from Tasmanian waters. Famed explorer, environmentalist, and filmmaker Jean-Michel Cousteau has partnered with Concept Amenities and Maricoid to produce this innovative product line, crafted for environmentally aware hotel guests across the world.

Pure organic marine ingredients are used from Marinova, an Australian biotechnology company which researches marine plants for use in medical, nutritional and skin care applications. The branded Jean-Michel Cousteau by Maricoid collection has been designed with distinctive features that include: paraben-free liquids and soaps specially formulated with 100-percent organically certified seaweed extract, biodegradable packaging, and vegetable-based soaps containing raw materials sourced from established plantations. All of the ingredients and packaging components are biodegradable.

We would expect nothing less from Jean-Michel Cousteau, the son of legendary oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. Jean-Michel has dedicated himself to serving as a global diplomat for the environment, creating Ocean Futures Society, a non-profit marine conservation and education organization.

To learn more about the Jean-Michel Cousteau collection of guest amenities, visit www.conceptamenities.com.

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