No More Lost Luggage

Tired of trying to stuff all your belongings into a carry-on to avoid the hassle and long lines of checked bags? Or maybe you just don’t feel like lugging your snowboard along for that weekend in Aspen. For your next trip, check out Luggage Forward. They’ll ship your bags to over 200 countries with a guaranteed arrival time. Simply place an order online and your bags will be picked up at your home or office. The best news: they will arrive at your destination before you do. Procrastinators don’t fret because you can even place a same day booking, overpackers rejoice: there is no limit on the size of the bag. Prices vary based on your destination and speed of delivery, but it is worth every penny since you can avoid lost luggage, long check in lines, and never have to wait at the baggage carousel.

So the next time you feel forced to choose between your favorite Louis Vuitton bag and your laptop, log onto Luggage Forward and send your bags ahead.

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  1. Jen Simmons on November 7, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    Wow — this looks great. Getting somewhere on vacation, or worse, for business without luggage is such a nightmare. I’ll keep this in mind for those occasions where it’s just not an option to have lost luggage. Thanks.

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