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WHY yacht - photo courtesy WHY

Hermes may best be known for its Birkin bags, but the luxury goods company has teamed up with the Monaco-based yacht maker Wally to create a super-yacht unlike anything else cruising the seas. The new WHY craft is shaped more like a graceful manta ray than a traditional yacht, and its sleekly designed interiors have us thinking about a move to the sea. Fresh design elements include a 25-meter interior swimming pool, three decks and a 36-meter deck beach along the back.

Inside, the luxurious interiors showcase slick lines and bold design. A 200-meter suite covers the third floor, offering  incredible sea views and a private terrace. There are five decadent but tastefully appointed suites on the second floor that sleep up to 12 guests, and a saltwater pool that hugs the front of bow of the yacht.

One of the coolest elements of this uber yacht is the unique blend of luxury and eco-friendly elements. Some of the green features aboard the WHY include:  different sources of energy that are managed by a central computer, a diesel electric engine that powers the yacht, and 900-square meters of photovoltaic panels that create solar electricity on board that could save at least 200 tons of diesel fuel a year. The design of the hull means that the yacht uses less power at cruising speed than another boat of equal size and it also contains a waste management system made to handle both organic and inorganic waste.

This is the first time Hermes has turned its attention to designing yachts, and if the price points are anything like their handbags, the new WHY yacht will not be cheap.

WHY interiorWHY exterior

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